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re: RaidCall Required


As of this Thursday May 29, 2014 Unkempt will be using RaidCall instead of Ventrilo as our VoIP communication during raid.  Ventrilo is just too expensive to maintain.  It is required that all raiders and guildies who would like to raid have it downloaded.

My computer is a dinosaur

Raidcall takes less resources then Skype and an officer who was using a dinosaur still ran Raidcall, AoL, Itunes, Ventrilo, Google Chrome, and WoW at the same time with no trouble.  Besides if you computer was that much of a dinosaur you wouldn't be playing WoW.

I don't have a PC I use a Mac

That's fine there are some "cracked" version out there that you can use.  I would make sure that you use a program such as Wine assist you in running it.

I don't have a mic

You don't need one. RaidCall is so we can explain quickly and more effectively strategies and questions. You only need to be able to hear us versus us spending half an hour explaining and answering questions. However as per when you applied we said you needed to have a mic so get one.

I already know all the strategies

That's great, less we have to answer or explain, but are you going to have total and complete sight of everything at once? Can you react fast enough without someone calling it out? We don't even care if you can. If we allow you not to be there, then everyone will ask not to be there. We're not asking for you to get a shot or pull your teeth out with a pair of rusty clamps.

I only have speakers and I live with people.

There is a total volume control option for RaidCall so you can turn it down as much as you want so only you can hear. Also we're pretty sure you have a pair of headphones laying around that you use to listen to your music with, this works as well.


It takes less then 5 minutes to download. Maybe an extra minute to set up an account.


There is a room to just talk, a room for separate raids, BGs, Arenas, Dungeons, RDFs, even a room for Music if you would like to turn on music mode (Lounge). Feel free to go AFK as well (we have a room for that too). If you want a separate room for something, ask, we will see what we can do.


Need help getting it set up?




What are those symbols next to people's names?

Every hour you spend in RaidCall = 1 Point. The more points you have, you get a different symbol.

How do I go into Music Mode?

There are two ways, the little button next to the red circle at the bottom of the chat box that looks like a music note is the easiest. Just click. Only do this in the Music channel though, it picks up everything that goes through your speakers. Music, Game sounds, whatever you hear, we hear so one person at a time and talking isn't advised since it'll rebound a lot. The second way involves getting a program and downloading your music to it and playing from there, they will only hear your music though, even if they talk.  Use the second method!  Do not use music mode while in raid or you will be fired!

How do I find our Raidcall?

When you first sign in you'll see at the top left a little search box. Search our number (8717040) and it'll bring our room up. You can add our room to your favorites for easier access.

Can I bring my arena partner or other friends in the RaidCall even if they're not in the guild?

As long as they're not asshats and become loud and obnoxious in our channel, they're more then welcome to come.

If you have any questions about ANYTHING ask.



Steps To Download:

Click this -->

Hit the big green 'Download' button (So hard.  Smash it with your face even)

Go make some toast

Oh look it's done!

Make an account, whatever you want. Please use the name of your character as the nickname on your account.

Spend a minute customizing your account (you can change the display name that shows in RaidCall later if you want)

In the search bar at the top left hand corner of the RaidCall screen enter in: 8717040

Click our room



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